Dear Valued Customers,

Corona Virus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic, as you are aware. Serendib Hotels and Resorts has swiftly moved to adopt WHO and Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure that our guests and people’s health remain paramount in the course of doing business amidst this pandemic. Serendib Hotels and Resorts would like to assure its Stakeholders that we are doing everything possible to ensure that prevention and containment of the disease are key at this time. We are closely monitoring the situation and adopting precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s well-being.

A Business Continuity plan is in place, to ensure that there are no service disruptions should we have a confirmed case, but also outlines the plan within the Group on how to deal with the pandemic. We have set up a Corona Virus Response Management team to drive the response initiative across our Hotels and Resorts. We are in the process of screening with the collaboration of our medical service provider in all our units. Furthermore, we have set specific floors for self-quarantine as guided by the Ministry of Health.

We have educated our people on the disease, prevention measures, and the actions to take in case of a confirmed or suspected case in any of our Serendib Hotels and Resorts, and we provide daily updates to our staff to manage the outbreak and assist our guests effectively. We have installed hand sanitizers at customer touchpoints to ensure continuous sanitization.

As part of the preventive measures, our people ensure continuous sanitization of these customer touchpoints. Serendib Hotels and Resorts is also implementing social distancing in our meeting places as part of preventing the disease. Rest assured, we prioritize the health of our valued customers and staff, and will closely monitor the situation.