Mulanje & Thyolo – Blantyre to Thyolo 43. 6 Km 1 hr drive, Thyolo to Mulanje 44 Km 1 hr drive

The trip to Mulanje and Thyolo gives you an opportunity to relax as you see the beautiful scenery of the countryside on one hand and seemingly endless tea plantations on the other and on a luck day, witness the picking of tea as you drive.

The Mulanje Mountain, landscapes dominated by vibrant green tea estates which contrast with beautiful purple jacaranda trees. In the heart of this region is Malawi’s highest peak (the highest mountain in Central Africa – Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia), Mount Mulanje, which rises to over 3,000 metres. The foothills of the mountain are covered in estates, woodlands, rivers and waterfalls and form a beautiful area.

A days outing to Mount Mulanje and to any one of the tea plantations can be arranged where you may enjoy tasting different varieties of tea/flavors.

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